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Solution for Your Mobile Ringtones and Wallpapers Needs

ZEDGE is the app that serves as a centralized repository of free music and HD images. The sounds can be used as ringtones, notifications, and alarms, while you can use the HD pictures to customize the wallpapers of your devices. With ZEDGE, you have access to millions of free sounds and high-quality pictures. The app gives you the opportunity to further personalize your device’s screen by adding stickers on top of wallpapers. You can select premium content created by talented artists around the world. Receive recommendations of incredible page features and elegant ringtones that best match your personality. As you browse through sounds and backgrounds, you can save them as favorites and conveniently access them later for quick retrieval. You can download ZEDGE from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store depending on your device.

The Uniqueness of ZEDGE

This app stands out in the Personalization category owing to its incredible functionalities and features. Images are neatly categorized for easier browsing, as you do not have to go through the entire list of images. All you have to do is a tap in the category of your choice and scroll through images that interest you. Some of the classifications include landscapes, entertainment, abstracts pictures and also inspirational quotes. There is a wide range of themed collections covering specific niches such as sports events and movies. Use live wallpapers to individualize your background and lock screen with ease.

Are you interested in a specific element in the picture? There is a cropper tool that enables you to adjust the size of the wallpaper and focus on the aspect you want. Speaking of the ringtones, the quality of the audios is excellent. You can use different tones for every contact depending on your preference. Select music from a variety of genres including rock, classics, country, comedy sounds and so on. You do not have to download songs to listen to them, there are previews which you can listen to before deciding whether or not to download them. In case you change devices, you’ll still be able to access your personalized content by simply logging in to your user account on the new mobile gadget. The seamless design of the app is noteworthy, the interface is clean and well organized, making it intuitive for you to navigate and access various features. The visuals are simply excellent.

The Bottom Line

With ZEDGE, consider the hustle for spectacular wallpapers and classy ringtones over. You have access to millions of these for free, all from one place. Though there are in-app purchases, the free content is already too much, and it is inevitable that you’ll enjoy using the app. It is difficult to find such a resourceful tool that gives you such numerous possibilities when it comes to personalizing your phones. The ability to conveniently store and retrieve favorite pictures is a win for the app.  What’s more, the search bar enables you to look up songs without having to go through lists one by one. If you are serious about personalizing your device, then ZEDGE Ringtones & Wallpapers is a must have.

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