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YouTube Review

Do you know the video sharing platform that is more famous and popular on the WEB than Youtube? If you do, then let us know! Youtube is watched by millions of users every day. Video is the most used and shared content type, spread in fun and scientific areas. Milliards of video hours viewed on YouTube make this service worth trying it on your mobile device. If you prefer addressing to video content on various topics or search for new TV show series or new and sports updates - this app will give you quick access to required content. 

The app is daily updated with thousands of new videos added to the channels. This allows users to keep in touch with all relevant information and get acquainted with trendy shows from anywhere you need. This app gives you ability to keep in touch with your favorite channels during your trip to work, on a break or while waiting in the queue - your mobile device will give you access to all content super fast and easy. And don’t forget that it is 100% free of charge, so in case you want to receive a well-organized video sharing app - download YouTube just now.

Although this app has a bunch of complex features for both content viewers and creators, it is still super simple to use. You can create an account through your Instagram, Facebook or Gmail account. This will help you synchronize your accounts, and you will be able to share your favorite videos with your friends through social media or send them via email. All your favorite videos will be saved in your profile, and it is possible to use YouTube on various devices or log in through a desktop. Therefore, you will be able to proceed watching the latest episode of TV series on your TV without spending time searching for it or the moment you stopped on. 

Your personal account has additional features of saving videos for later, adding them to customized lists. In case you want to share your personal content, you can create a channel and download videos or start live streams. This option is as well free of charge and all your uploaded videos will be saved in your channel with no limitations of provided storage. At the same time, this app doesn’t require much storage from your device, so you can download YouTube even if your phone is almost full. A great option to receive access to the largest videos list without spending much memory on it. 

Summing up

This app fairly the most widespread video sharing app for users all over the world. It has content for people of all ages, languages, and interests because it is pretty easy to find literally anything here. The search is pretty easy and well-optimized, so you will get access to needed videos really fast, even if you need to set up additional search markers. YouTube can be run on any of your mobile devices and even ore - it has a desktop version and will keep all your favorites and your progress, so you can switch your device in a second. This is literally all you need in video search.


To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store
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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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