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Wordscapes: 1.0.15


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How to play it

If you love to play word-related games, then Wordscapes is just what you need. With more than 5000 entertaining and challenging levels you’re guaranteed to have a great time. The game successfully implements the ever-popular crossword concept in a new way that’s easy to experience from the screen of your smartphone.

The words can be introduced either horizontally or vertically using the special wheel with letters in the bottom of a screen. You need to find the correct order of the letters and swipe over them with the finger in order for them to fill the empty spots. It might seem too easy at the beginning but don’t hurry to skip these games as it gets much more challenging later. As you pass more levels, the words are getting longer and harder.  It won’t be that easy anymore to find a necessary word among the random letters.

For passing levels, you get in-game currency. As you might’ve guessed already, it can be used for buying hints whenever you’re stuck on a certain level or word. Hints will uncover words letter by letter from the beginning. However, we highly don’t recommend you to be wasteful and spend those hints on the early stages of the game. Saving them for the times where things will be much harder would be a better idea. If you’re ok with cheating and your conscience doesn’t torment you, then you can always navigate to Wordscapes Answers and find the solution for the riddle that has bothered you.

Technical details

The game has beautiful visuals and is very pleasant to play on a daily basis. It successfully incorporates different backgrounds, vivid colors and even special effects that randomly occur. The main gaming field is made in a flat style, which is real eye candy. It doesn’t overload the screen with unnecessary garbage and keeps the gaming experience as simple as it should be.

Another thing that is worth mentioning is music. The soundtrack you’ll hear in the background is very relaxing and makes you feel as if you were somewhere deep in the forest listening to waterfalls and sounds of falling leaves. Well, maybe not exactly that way, but it’s still very relaxing and enjoyable.  

Wordscapes is completely free and can be passed without a need to spend a single dollar. The game also doesn’t force intrusive ads on you, so nothing bothers you during the game process, while the whole experience is suitable even for little kids.

The Bottom line

It’s not an easy task to invent the bicycle. In the genre where everything is already made and is being successfully used by people around the world for more than 100 years, Wordscapes has managed to add a little something that makes it even more fun. With over 5000 levels It’s undoubtedly a serious project that can keep you entertained not for a day or two but for a year or more. The game has beautiful graphics and relaxing soundtrack which is just what’s needed whenever you come home tired after the job or simply have free time. The best thing about Wordscapes is that it’s 100% free and is available both on Android and iOS devices.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store
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Certrude McCoy

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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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