Word Domination

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The Concept of the Game

Word Domination is all about playing around with words. It is a fast-paced scrambled letters word game that involves arranging letters in an insightful and strategic manner to come up with words. One of the beauties of Word Domination is that you do not have to wait for your rival to make a move, play it in real time as you will see tile movement simulations that enable you to visualize your next move. The game has some collectible boosters which you can use to get an advantage over your opponent.

How to Play

Upon starting the game, you are presented a board with an unsystematic grid of tiles, with every single tile representing a specific letter and a treasure. Each time you play, there are a few steps to follow, and these are:

  • Expand the Grid – You are required to add a tile to the board, and this translates to adding letters that can be used.

  • Spell your word – From the letters available on the grid, you are supposed to form a word however long. For every letter you use in the word you’ve identified, you are to mark it using a player marker. Place your marker on a grid that is occupied by your opponent’s marker and take their place on the tile.

  • Steal tiles – Once you have placed two player markers on any tile, the represented letter is added to your letters while the tile is removed from the grid. You can use these letters in the future when spelling words.


  • Enjoy a word class gameplay of scrambled letters;

  • Obtain cards with unusual powers and use them to influence matches;

  • Participate in monthly tournaments for exclusive rewards;

  • Enjoy the stylish and aesthetic design of tiles;

  • Challenge your friends or play against other players online.

The Bottom Line

Word Domination is a great game of gauging how good you are with words and spelling. The game is engaging and offers you a great way of passing the time. The game is available for both iOS and Android device users and can be downloaded for free. There being in-app products, you can still have a great player experience even without making the purchases. The concept behind this game is great, and it will get you hooked, trying to unveil words with the limited letters available. Let’s see how vast is your language vocabulary.  

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store
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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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