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What It’s All About

Waze is one of the top community-powered navigation apps for motorists. It gives you access to real-time traffic data and road alerts. For example, you will receive pop-up notifications in the event of an incident along your path within a specified radius.

Contrary to what one would expect of a free app, Waze is not only accurate, but also feature-packed. Considering that the app is a mapping tool for motorists, it does not feature transit or walking directions. This cannot be counted as one of its downsides since Waze is a niche app. Though it is not mandatory to create an account, having one is an added advantage as it enables you to make contributions to the Waze community.

Winning Factors of Waze

This app has some incredible features that are uncommon to other apps in the navigation category. These perks make Waze a preferred mapping tool for many motorists. Below are some of the benefits you get to enjoy:

  • Live traffic reporting – Other users upload real-time traffic information depending on their location, therefore alerting you of what’s ahead;

  • A wide range of voice navigation options, you can select celebrity voices;

  • Aids in speed governing – Waze monitors the speed with which you are driving and cautions you when over speeding;

  • Stores commonly used routes, and your frequent destinations;

  • Aggressive rerouting in the event of obstacles saves you time;

  • There is a motorcycle mode specifically tailored for bikers;

  • Waze has a traffic jam countdown feature;

  • Receive police notifications in real time;

  • Has Spotify integration for listening to your favorite music while on the go.

In regards to maps and traffic, you can rest assured that information is constantly updated and so you will always get reliable data whenever you are driving. Thanks to the millions of registered users who constantly provide updates of what is happening on the roads. Data actively or passively submitted is distilled by the app, putting together usable traffic data and visually displayed on your device’s screen. You can bank on the accuracy of the app. It can show you road closures at their exact points in the event of barriers such as extensive constructions. It is impressive how one-way streets and sections such as turn restrictions are parallel to their real-world analogs. In case you pinpoint any errors, it is simple to mark the map issues as it is a matter of a few taps.

Final Words

For city driving, this is an app you can count on as it outrivals others at finding alternative routes in case of obstacles and traffic jams. You are alerted of an incident early enough to avoid a specific route, therefore saving you precious time. The police reporting feature will help you escape getting a ticket, and in the worst case, causing an accident as a result of over speeding. These capabilities bring efficiency when driving, more so during long drives. Waze is certainly an app that every motorist should have, it is definitely worth the download.  


To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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