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What You Need to Know

Toon Blast is a funny cartoon puzzle matching game that, unlike most of its competitors, does have irritating time limits. Therefore, giving you endless fun. The concept of the game is to match beautiful blocks of analogous color to clear the screen. As the gameplay advances, the difficulty level ramps up and the obstacles become increasingly hard to solve. There is a new set of challenges with a new level. Certain obstacles can only be destroyed using a bomb or a rocket. Toon Blast features a variety of cartoon animals including Cooper Cat and Bruno Bear. To pass levels in the shortest time possible, match combos and blast cubes to clear large areas of the board. It is your task to assist the Toon gang in exploring the magical worlds.

Notable Features and Objectives

Games without specified objectives may prove monotonous with time. Toon Blast has a number of features that ensure you have increasingly interesting play time. Just to list but a few of these, check out the features and possibilities below:

  • Numerous challenging levels;

  • Exclusive game objectives;

  • Create your team;

  • Send and receive life gifts from teammates;

  • Sync functionality for easy switching between devices;

  • Collecting stars after each level.

There are hundreds of levels, and numerous episodes to unlock. In each level, there are unique game objectives, and so the gameplay is not repetitious. You can put together a great team and face off other groups to dominate the puzzle world. Lives running out? No worries! Receive extra lives from members of your team and get endless fun. If you have multiple devices, the game has a syncing feature that enables you to play the game from all your mobile gadgets without losing game progress. Once you complete levels, you collect stars with which you win awesome rewards.

Tips on Winning the Game

Plan Three Moves Forward – As you match blocks, it is important to visualize your next moves to avoid coming to a dead end. This will help you to complete objectives much faster and to match special blocks.

Make Use of Combos – You can create combos by lining up five or more blocks. These come in handy in getting ahead early in the game. Also, you can use bombs and disco balls.

Take Advantage of Crown Challenges – Complete the Crown Challenges and these will open up new levels with unique power-ups and will enable you to complete harder levels much faster.

Ask for Lives in Advance – You can request for lives from your teammates to avoid last minute rushes. You can store extra lives in a new tab, it is better to be safe than to be sorry.


Though Toon Blast has a familiar concept, the game mechanics are uncommon, bringing a fresh breath in the puzzle match category. It is a challenging game, and so you can be certain of a thrilling experience each time you play. Download it from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store and have unending fun.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store
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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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