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Superimpose: 6.4

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Superimpose and Make It Blend!

Superimpose is a powerful photo editing application that helps its users create professional-grade superimposed photos on iPhone. With many features and effects, Superimpose will help you create many neat and top-notch images. The application allows you to layer the photos and to remove the unwanted parts. 

A Clean and Feature Rich User Interface

The Superimpose application meets you with a classic user interface design that brings many editing tools. Everything from the main icons to the layout are so straightforward which makes it easy to use.

It’s Not Just a Mobile App; It’s a Designer Hand Tool

With the Superimpose application, you can transform, blend, mix, combine, add filters, create masks, adjust exposure, add text elements to the picture, blur the image, and so much more. Superimpose allows you to create your story from the start and what you have in the end is an image edited that expresses who you are not just on the outside, but also your personality. Cut, copy, and paste all the needed parts of the image and let Superimpose create your complete work of art.

Endless Editing - Endless Possibilities

Start by loading a background image that sets the scenery for your new image. Once the background is in place, choose the foreground image and mask out the parts of the picture you don’t want to be included in the final image. Luckily for you, Superimpose has many masks you can use to get the right appearance for your image. 

One of the coolest features that Superimpose has is the ability to cut the pictures and make a transparent background. In addition, the application allows you to swap faces, cut a face, and paste it into another. 
Before you edit your image, make sure you’ve enabled the high-resolution editing feature. Otherwise, the image you will have will be 4 megapixels. To turn on this feature, tap on the “?” in the upper right corner, scroll down and set the resolution and working image size to “high,” that’s all. 

Final Thoughts

For creative souls, Superimpose helps you create super complex superimposed images. The application has very clear functionality to boost your creativity. Superimpose is not just a mobile app, it’s a powerful tool for every photographer. Instead of dragging your laptop everywhere, you can edit any photo just from your phone screen.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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