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Sniper 3D Gun Shooter: Free Shooting Games - FPS: 2.8.3


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Are you a fan of Action games? Would you like to put to the test your shooting skills? Why not try Sniper 3D Gun Shooter!

The Concept of the Game

Sniper 3D Gun Shooter is one of the top-ranking free action shooting games for both iOS and Android platforms. It’s fire your weapon to kill, you shoot your enemies for survival, otherwise, you’ll become the victim. Clash with the criminals and aid in making the streets safer. Numerous challenging missions are awaiting you. Save hostages from the hands of criminals without endangering their lives. You have access to various types of firearms, each fitting specific scenarios and needs. Master the art of shooting the more you play the game.

Features You’ll Love

  • Excellent graphics – The game has realistic 3D graphics and incredible animations. These make the game more fun to play.

  • Hundreds of missions – The days for repetitive shooting game are gone. Sniper 3D Gun Shooter features numerous distinct missions, each presenting its challenges and dynamics. Finish off the enemy in one level and progress to a more demanding one in terms of skills, swiftness, and strategy.

  • Play in PVP mode – Face off your foes and kill them in the least time possible. If you take too long, you will end up being killed. Two aspects are put to the test here, your skills and speed.

  • Beautiful battle backgrounds – Enjoy spectacular views each time you combat an enemy. Battles are featured in diverse sceneries. These include awesome beaches and huge cities. This breaks the monotony in the game, a common issue in games where the background is the same throughout the game.

  • Numerous weapon options – Depending on the combat scenario, you can choose from a wide range of lethal guns the one that best fit the needs of the occasion.

  • Fun gameplay – The concept of the gameplay is simply amazing. You will play the game and won’t feel like stopping.

  • Simple controls – The game features a simple control mechanism, therefore enabling you to focus on the ultimate goal which is to get rid of your enemies. Whether moving your character around, adjusting the focus of your weapon or accessing game options, you will either tap or drag on the screen.

The Bottom Line

The millions of downloads and high rating speak volumes about this game. It is not only fun to play but also overly thrilling, you’ll get hooked to your screen. Sniper 3D Gun Shooter offers you high replay value, thanks to the numerous challenges and vibrant gameplay. Do you have what it takes to bring down the most notorious criminals in the city? Download the game from the App Store or the Google Play Store and give it a try.

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