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Sing! by Smule: 5.1.5


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Smule is an application for mobile platforms in which users can sing their favorite songs to the musical accompaniment as in real karaoke. A feature of the product is the possibility to improvise with another person, located anywhere in the world.

How to use Smule?

The application has its own unique and fairly easy to use interface. For successful launch and subsequent use of the program, you must log to the profile, created in the service, or your Facebook account.

In the main menu, a person is invited to choose one of several sections in which there are placed recommended, popular or actual compositions. In each section, there is a selected assortment of songs with text accompaniment.

You need to select a song and sing the words that will be displayed on the screen. Songs are presented in several genres. After you select and sing your favorite one, you can listen to the recorded audio or send the video to your friends. Pop-up messages and various tips will help you improve your vocal skills.

You also can play the party on musical instruments and dance. Presence of many different visual effects makes the application incredibly popular. For those who are skeptical of their abilities, a special mixer is built in here that changes the tone of voice.

In-app purchases

After installing and running this application, you will be able to access one song for free. The remaining features of the program will be available after paying for the VIP subscription. If you do not have an extended version, you must watch promotional videos and receive credits and buy a song for them. Videos are limited in number for a certain period of time.

Pros and cons of the application

This application has got several advantages:

  • Voice enhancement. Not all the people have got a pleasant voice, expressive timbre and powerful vocal. With the help of a special feature, you can sing like Freddie Mercury. Filters will help you to conduct various experiments with vocal. You can sing a cappella, or write a composition on the instruments;

  • Opportunity to sing with your favorite performer. 

  • Video. Smule allows you to record your video and achieve the effect of real performance in front of the publiс;

  • Group singing. You can create whole duets and groups;

  • Huge community. This application is used by a large community of people. With their help, you can develop your vocal skills and use them in real life. It is possible to evaluate the performances of other users;

  • Social functions. Smule allows you to comment on videos and put likes;

  • Ability to save clips in the cloud. You can share them with your friends.

Among the shortcomings we note:

  • A small library of compositions and instruments in the free version.;

  • The possibility to receive inappropriate comments;

  • Inconvenient search for some tracks in the catalog.

All in all, Smule is a good application for all people who like to sing. Even if your vocal is far from perfect, you can use various effects to make the sound better.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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