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Riding high off its recent acquisition by Apple, Shazam has transformed most aspects of itself for the better. There are fewer free music discovery apps that do a job as great as Shazam. It still remains to be seen whether the $400M buyout will endear more fans to the app or if it will be precluded to the niche Apple market. In the meantime, this is why you should definitely download Shazam:

It’s the Easiest Way to Discover Free Music

Everything about Shazam is effortless. You only need to tap that big beautiful button to discover music. What’s best about Shazam is that it doesn’t even need to be a radio or a media device playing nearby. Someone could be humming a tune and Shazam will easily recognize it. Anywhere you listen to music you can instantly Shazam it, making this one of the most versatile, useful and fun apps you’ll ever use. A cool feature of Shazam is the ability to create multiple tags, e.g., from a playlist or a mix and then delete or keep those which you want (pretty nice if you want to know what the deejay is playing in a club or what song is playing as a movie soundtrack).

Once Shazam discovers a song, it will show you the artist profile and also show other songs from the same artist. So far you can share the music you Shazam on other platforms such as Spotify, Google Play Music, iTunes, and Beats Music.

A Whole Host of Creative & Useful Features

Shazam can let automatically update your tags even if you are using another app or have your device locked, using AUTO mode. You can receive notifications about your tags, explore tags from other users near you, replay all of your tags, and browse similar artists and songs based on your preferences. Each Shazam also lets you view an artist’s discography, and you can get a YouTube link to the song in case you want to view the video. You can view your entire tag list and also transfer all the info to your Shazam account on PC and sync both web and mobile devices. You can also discover concerts and music shows near you through the app.

Shazam Is Always Becoming Better

There’s so much you could do with Shazam. If you’ve used the app since its first release, you’d know how much effort has gone into making this one of the most beloved music apps ever. The interface is creative, intuitive and sleek and the app is a joy to use. Guaranteed, if you install this app you’ll instantly become a fan.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store
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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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