Rhythmic Gymnastics Dream Team: Girls Dance

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Some were meant for boys and there were those that were meant for girls, specifically little girls who live their lives to be princesses when they grow up. That is Rhythmic Gymnastics, an immensely beautiful and charming game for iOS and Android. And not to be stereotypical, but its mass appeal is obviously the Princess Sofia the First Squad.

Customize Your Own Dance Crew & Compete in the Olympics

This is a dance game, which is how the app sells itself anyway. However, a lot of the game has to do with skin customization, as you compete against other teams from around the world. It’s not like you’re actually competing against other actual human players from around the world, which is what most people expect when they install this game. The premise is an in-game dance Olympics, complete with leaderboards. Most of the routines are not actually choreographed by human players, but it does feel good when you can tap on on-screen icons and make the player perform a different set of moves.

The game is like a movie in which you are a participant. You’re not doing much other than choosing which routine to do, which outfit and makeup to wear and which look will look best with your otherwise generic AI players. The dance routines although pre-programmed are excellent to look at, and you’ll feel like you’re part of the on-screen action all the way through.

It Boasts Great Graphics and Sound

This is a superbly done game, and sometimes you wish it could go on forever. There are beauty and excellence in design and concept looking Disney-esque. All the glitz especially as the teams dance with balls and hoops is such a joy to behold. The beautiful graphics are complemented by excellent background soundtracks, although you do wish the game could provide you with a more varied soundtrack. As the girls dance, a virtual silhouette of a crowd can be seen in the back of the arena raising flags and cheering your girls on.

There’s Much More Room for Improvement

The game could do with a bit more customization and a little more actual dance controls for players. Then again, this is a good start and solid foundation to build upon for the developers to improve the game.

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Certrude McCoy

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