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Prodigy Math Game: 1.71

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Prodigy Math Game Review

Prodigy Math Game is a math studying app for all interested in improving their skills and knowledge in this particular subject. It is extremely hard to make children do their homework and even harder to make them study new topics, and here the Prodigy Math Game is an excellent solution. This app has a series of various games that all educate users and explain them various math principles and laws, making studying process looks more like a fun game. This app is 100% free of charge, so downloading Prodigy is a universally useful choice that will for sure help you get on with maths or help your children easily come through the academic year, completing new tasks online and see all scores in your account.

This app is widely supported by school teachers and private tutors that understand the necessity to attract students to study in a contemporary manner. The mobile app that is easy to download, register and start working with is an excellent choice for class. Prodigy has a developed set of instructions and useful design that allows students to proceed studying topics through the app without teacher’s control. It has a wide range of tasks for students of all ages and levels of knowledge, and therefore each user receives an individual approach and can choose tasks to work with. So, both teacher and student save a lot of time.

Getting deeper into the app

Prodigy has a colorful, attractive design that helps establish good content with kids and create a relaxed atmosphere for older users. This fantasy game has a series of quests, tasks, and puzzles that encourage practicing maths skills to complete levels and open new guests and options. This app has full compliance with official curricula (TEKS, MAFS, Ontario, etc.) and estimation of all users to get students to the right grade. You have to choose the grade you will study just after downloading Prodigy to focus on your problematic topics. All grades have well-organized set of tasks that all reflect basic topics that adhere to the academic math program of a certain grade.

Proceeding with the level of the game, each user has a free access to 24/7 reporting options that guarantee relevant updates on your progress, highlighting your low results. As well as other options, this one is as well free of charge, and therefore you can use it as much as you need. This option is followed by access to regular assessments of all users that allow to additionally check yourself and plan your studying program. This is a great assistance on evaluating your knowledge and topics you need to review or examine in details. 


It is essential to effectively combine the studying process and fun to encourage students’ interest in all school subjects, but that especially refers to math - the field of study that lacks exciting practice. This fantasy-based educational game covers all topics listed in official academic programs and allows user to practice all observed materials and receive regular updates of their achievements. A good option for kids that find it hard to study in a traditional way, giving them an option to play a game and study through playing. 

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store
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Certrude McCoy

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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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