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Plague Inc.: 1.15.0


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What the Game’s All About

Are you a master in strategizing? Plague Inc. is an incredible game featuring a realistic simulation of an apocalypse where you are required to infect the entire human race with a lethal pathogen. It is you against the world. The strategy aspect of the game comes in where you are to counter every adaptation and mitigation mechanism man may use to survive the plague. In this regard, you are to evolve the pathogen in such a way that it becomes even deadlier for man to survive it. The game has innovative gameplay, perhaps that is the reason for its popularity among both iOS and Android users. Plague Inc. is ranked 1st in the Strategy category on the Apple App Store and highly ranked in the Simulation category on Google Play Store.

What’s Cool About it

  • Striking HD graphics that feel too high-end for the mobile platform;

  • The detailed representation of elements and realism are phenomenal;

  • A resourceful in-game tutorial that ensures you master the controls;

  • There are 12 epidemic diseases you can infect the world with, each requiring unique mechanisms to control;

  • You can save your progress and resume later;

  • Over 50 countries to contaminate;

  • Leaderboards to compete with friends;

  • Occasional expansion updates that add to the gist of the game, introducing features such as the Neurax Worm and new real-life scenarios.

Additional Disclosures

Plague Inc. is available in several other languages apart from the English language, and more translations will be added soon. As at the time of writing of this review, the available languages include English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Brazilian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Italian. The game has some discretional in-app products for gameplay enhancement. These items are available in packages and are purchased using real money. Just to mention but a few, you can get the Necroa Virus expansion pack for $1.99, the Neurax Worm expansion pack for $1.99, new scenarios in the form of Scenario pack at $2.99 and several others. The game is free to download on Google Play Store but you’ll have to pay $0.99 to download on the App Store.

Final Words

It is no surprise that this game in no time became a global hit immediately it was released. The stunning gameplay caught the attention of strategy game lovers around the world, but also that of the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Plague Inc.’s high ratings speak for themselves. Download and get the experience for yourself.

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Certrude McCoy

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