Pet Rescue Saga

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Pet Rescue Saga: 1.134.8


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A New Game in the Line

This is a freemium puzzling match game from the developers of the famous Candy Crush Saga and also Farm Heroes Saga. You are tasked with saving pets from malicious pet snatchers. This is an added incentive on top of the puzzle concept. Swap and match blocks with the same color to complete levels. Please note that for each level, you have a limited number of moves. Use them discretionally and wisely. Your puzzle skills are put to test as you enjoy hours of blockbusting amusement. You can play solo or take challenges with friends and see who’s the master. In case you exhaust your moves, no worries, you can buy extra ones, but this requires real money. The game is certainly addictive, and you might be easily lured to make the in-app purchases. The game is available for iOS and Android devices.

The Game’s Features

As it is the tradition of makers of Pet Rescue Saga, they have integrated incredible features that appeal to players of all ages, getting you hooked to your screen solving puzzles. To begin with, graphics are noteworthy as there is excellence on these. Visuals are eye-catching, and the gameplay is splendidly colorful. For the pet loves, there are a number of cute varieties such as fluffy puppies, piglets, and adorable bunnies. You can never get enough of the colors, considering the constant exploding bombs and the paint pots. There are locked animal cages amid blocks which you are to free for the pets to escape.

Enjoy spectacular boosters and benevolent rewards after completing levels. It is easy to play, but considerably challenging to master. The game is constantly progressing, as there are more puzzling levels added by the developers every two weeks. It can never get boring. For example, as at the time of writing this review, the latest update presents a new episode titled ‘Painting Palace’. This has new missions, challenges and numerous levels of fun play. To give you something to always look up to, there are leaderboards where you can monitor the scores of your friends and fight for the top spots. If you have multiple devices, there is a functionality that enables you to sync the game at your convenience.

New Monetization Mechanics

The developers have revamped their business model in regards to pricing, therefore making playing Pet Rescue Saga a good value. There is an in-app currency system for acquiring power-ups and more lives. Purchasing nine gold bars will cost you $0.99. A similar amount is charged for refiling your lives. This is considerably affordable, but might be expensive in the long run. And so you might consider purchasing a bundle of coins which will save you some bucks. You will get 100 coins for a subsidized cost of $8.99.


Pet Rescue Saga is one game that never comes to an end, unless the developers decide otherwise. By this virtue, the game has much to offer in terms of the replay value, considering new levels and challenges that are added every two weeks. Again, in-app purchases are not that overrated. You will surely enjoy the game.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store
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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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