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This is a free calorie counting and weight management app that is one of the most useful apps you’ll come across on the App Store or Google Play Store. It works similar to logging your weight, and all your macros on a journal, except MyFitnessPal makes everything much faster and easier for you.

How MyFitnessPal Works

The app is basically just a fitness logger in every sense of the word, helping you to plan your diet and meals, keep track of everything that you eat including your calorie intake, and manage other aspects such as exercise and your weight. Ordinarily, you’d do this on an actual journal or diary, but MyFitnessPal makes it extremely easy to do all these. The app keeps in memory every food that you add to your diary, meaning you don’t have to repeat the same process of adding the same thing repeatedly to your diary. The first step is to enter your height, weight, and age, and then specify how much weight you want to lose or gain over time. You can add entries for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with tabs for frequent, recent, My Foods and recipes. Each entry that you log displays the total calorie and nutritional value for the food, for example, you can view the protein, carbs, starch and other components of your diet. If you have weight loss goals, you can enter the amount of weight you want to lose each day, and the app will let you know when you overshoot those goals.

You can compute total values for each of these categories of you are eating different food and check the quantities to ensure that they fall within your regimen. There is one of the best app's features: you can scan barcodes for packaged foods which instantly brings up the calorie counts for these. A great way to utilize the app is to have a weighing scale which you can use to measure the weight of your food components as you log them into your app.

What Is the Interface Like?

MyFitnessPal has an intricate interface, meaning there are lots that you have to discover in the app. It has a blue theme with a white background which provides a sense of simplicity. There are stacks of menus which you will eventually get used to, probably the least interesting thing about this app. However, everything is straightforward and intuitive. You can easily make out how the calorie counter works, and moving through the menus is fairly simple. MyFitnessPal has a great database of recipes and foods some of which are certified by selling brands such as Starbucks. You can explore these recipes, share them with friends on social media and access them on different devices.

One of the Best Fitness Trackers Around

Though not the most intuitive fitness app around, MyFitnessPal is certainly one of the best apps around for keeping track of your fitness. It has a version for iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, and PC, providing access to feedback from a whole community of users. From recommended calorie goals to real stories from folks who’ve found success with this app, MyFitnessPal is one app you can’t afford to miss.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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