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MADDEN NFL Football: 4.1.1


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Madden NFL Overdrive Football is a game for football lovers who use iOS devices. You must have iOS version 11 and above (or Android 4.4 and up) for you to be able to install and play the game on mobile or tablet. The game is free for all users, but it has in-app purchases for those wishing to upgrade and have a better experience. 

How to Play the Game 

The game allows you to build a team from scratch. Once you create a group of players, train them on how to play using various strategies. You have the liberty to equip them with the capabilities you want because you own the team. For example, you can train individuals to play using different formations.

After training, you face opponents with your team. Each game lasts for three minutes, and you have to aim at scoring better than the opponent. As a real football game, there is half time, and you get to substitute players. If you find it to be tough, you may change the formation because you have already trained your team to play in different arrangements. 

You can appoint coaches and team captains to help you manage the group. Before doing this, you may view the tactics that the coach uses to determine whether they rhyme with your strategies. You may also see the tactics that coaches in the opponent teams use and be able to develop a strategy to beat that group. 

Specialty Features of the Game 

The game is a player vs. player kind of competition. Therefore, you can choose friends to play with and compete against one another. As you play, each of you earns points. These are indicated on the PVP meter that fills up as you play and score against the rival. 

The points that you earn may be used to boost your team so that you may be at a better position than your rivals. There is also a commentator who describes the game as you play. This makes it similar to real life football, and it becomes even more interesting compared to a video game that lacks broadcasting. 

You may also take your team to the super bowl and compete against all the thirty-two teams of NFL. If you win the competition, you have an opportunity to get an elite player and add him to your team. You earn points in various ways such as through offensive touchdowns, goals, passing yard and first down. 

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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