Live Portrait Maker: Guys

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Live Portrait Maker: Guys: 1.0

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Create Your Live Avatar

“Live Portrait Maker: Guys” reveals your creative side through the making your avatar. It is a fun and artistic game that you will definitely enjoy if you are interested in designing and customizing animated avatars. 

Choose Among Variations of Looks

The looks of your avatars can be vastly different, depending on the combination of elements you choose. There are more than fifty facial features to choose from, as well as more than twenty outfits. This way, you can be sure that your avatars are unique and special. You can definitely match the personalities of your avatars to the way they are designed. So whether you want them to be sweet or daring, it all depends on you! 

Customize Your Avatar

Go down to the details of the features of your avatar. Basic features you can customize are the eyes, lips, and body. However, you can go into even further detail by selecting specific shapes and styles of hair, brows, and even eyelashes! You can even choose the clothes your avatar is wearing, as well as accessories, such as jewelry and glasses. You can also add a facial feature, such as freckles to your avatar. 

Although these options are already highly detailed and customizable, there are a few issues that remain. The hair lengths can be changed, but the specific hairstyle cannot. That is, there are still no options for braided hair or hair tied into a ponytail or pigtails. Also, you can place jewelry, but it seems like the size of the jewelry does not fit the face and body proportionately. A lot has also been said about the addition of freckles, as they look somewhat unnatural when the avatar moves or speaks. 

Browse Through Cool Effects

There are twelve cool effects that you can choose from that will make your avatar stand out from others. You can opt for regular features, or you can choose to add starry or glittery effects to ramp up your avatar’s looks.

Use with Ease

“Live Portrait Maker: Guys” itself is easy to navigate around and have straightforward usability. While creating your avatar, you can easily save and take notes of your work. You can spend hours just creating an avatar, as numerous options are available for you. This app allows you to release your creative juices and be the master of your art.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store
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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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