Invasion: Modern Empire

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Invasion: Modern Empire: 1.36.11


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Invasion: Modern Empire is like a Clash of Empires with a modern touch. Set in a post-apocalyptic world in 2100 where survivors are struggling to rebuild, the storyline looks like that of an awesome first-person shooter. As you start the game, everything becomes vastly different. This is just another ‘combat’ strategy MMO with tons of micro-transactions and menu screens that are endless abounding.

How Does the Game Play?

There isn’t much difference between this game and other strategy-build games that you might have played. You need to gather resources, put up various types of buildings and upgrade your army so that you can take on other armies. The script reads pretty much the same as other RTS games that you might have played before. You start out the game with a tutorial that shows you the basic building mechanics and how to farm. You’ll also be introduced to the armory which is where you mine troops and other important structures which you can upgrade as you progress in the game. You’ll also do research in the game (passively off course) which enables you to get stronger technologies.

There’s No Actual Fighting in the Game

For the battle aspect of the game, everything is an endless combination of clicks and taps, so don’t expect to be pulling out rifles against enemies. The scoring system compares your units’ strength against that of your enemies. Part of the appeal of such games is the MMO aspect, meaning you can join alliances and clash in real time wars with other alliances. Unfortunately, pay-to-win is often the norm in such games, and you will find yourself outmatched against more powerful enemies if you aren’t willing to pay for upgrades.

Does the Game Have Replay Value?

That’s a hard one to answer. The graphics are okay, nothing to write an ode about. If it weren’t for the modern architecture you’d probably get a feeling of deja-vu having played this game before. There’s nothing new here, just another RTS like you’re used to. The visuals are aided by the cinematic cut-scenes showing 3G battle sequences but unfortunately, you won’t get to experience any of this. This game is totally pay-to-win as with a premium subscription you get increased speed on unit production, construction and gathering speed.

All in all, Invasion: Modern Empire isn’t a terrible game, but it isn’t great either. There are probably way better RTS games that you could download and play for way cheaper.


To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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