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Since being bought by Facebook, Instagram has become something of a cult phenomenon, boasting a community of over a billion users who edit and share videos and photos instantly, and even ushering in the age of the world’s youngest self-made billionaire. By the sheer fact that it has over 10+ million ratings on the App Store just goes to show the sheer scale of Insta’s usage.

Why Use Instagram?

The app is made popular by the fact that it offers dozens of filters and a whole bunch of editing tools which look perfect on every device. Perhaps what is most important about Instagram is the fact that it is a social media platform, meaning billions of people are connected throughout the world and communicate every day on it. There are variety of features such as creating personal stories through Instagram Live and streaming to other users, and sharing as many photos and videos as you want with friends or strangers. For videos you can combine those into a single clip and make edits, making Instagram a powerful marketing tool. Being exactly optimized for iOS and Android means that you have the same experience on mobile as you do on a PC or a Mac.

You can also discreetly message other users (or slide in the DMs as made famous) or go private with your account. Instagram gives you full control over your account settings, and you can modify or customize your profile right from your device.

Does Instagram on Mobile Look Good?

It most certainly does, and has in fact set the tone for how most other social media sites look. The design is simplistic, and you can easily go from downloading the app on your device to setting up an account and discovering new people and other accounts. Instagram makes lots of suggestions about which accounts you should follow as you start out based on your preferences, and follows the same pattern that Facebook has to set up account discovery. You’ll probably end up following multiple famous accounts first before you find people that you actually connect with. You can follow accounts that you like or hide those accounts. You can also discover friends, colleagues or other accounts of interest by searching through your contacts. The highlight of Instagram is your timeline, on which you can see stories, new posts, updates, and other important highlights as you have set your account. You can scroll down to check other posts or swipe down to reveal newer content.

Instagram Changed the Way We See the World

Instagram has become a powerful tool for sharing news, keeping up with trends, marketing and making money, and most importantly, connecting with people all around the world. It is used for marketing, sharing, learning, inspiring and everything else in-between. This is a well-designed app allowing you to post, comment and share across multiple other platforms like Facebook, Medium, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store
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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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