Idle Heroes

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Idle Heroes: 1.12.0


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This is a Role-Playing Game where the player (warrior) recruits a team to battle with demons. The game can be played by anyone from the age of 7 years and above. It is available on Android and iOS devices and requires an Internet connection to work. 

Game Features

Summon circle: This is when you want to summon powerful heroes to aid you in the fight against demons. Heroes can also be summoned from shards. To do this, the gamer has to solve several puzzles until a warrior is released. Every warrior can be upgraded to increase their skills.

You can set your heroes on training while you leave the game, and when you return, you will meet them stronger, with new abilities and battle ready. Join a multiplayer guild to fight with friends and strangers all over the world.

Graphics and User Interface

  • The game graphics are very colorful, but it seems to be an issue with the battleground design. It appears quite small, even on a phablet device. If the battle is the main juice of the game, then it should be very bold.
  • The game does not have freezing issues, in-app ads, and does not crash.
  • Sound: The theme music and sound do not complement the game well. 
  • The home page has one too many options that can be confusing.  
  • The music and sound can be increased or decreased depending on the gamer’s choice.


Auto-battle takes the whole fun away from the game. It is not fun when a game is set to battle automatically, while the gamer watches. Also, setting things up can be confusing because there are so many options.
The in-app purchases are awfully expensive, and the player needs to make purchases to progress faster.


The game gets boring after a while. It is also expensive, and the tutorial should be shown more than once. The developers should set it up in such a way that players who find it challenging to learn complicated games can easily go through the tutorial many times to get the hang of the game. It would be great if the in-app purchase price is slashed down, as one could be paying close to $100 for just one purchase. It is too much. The auto-battle option should be removed because it takes away the point of it being a game.

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Certrude McCoy

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