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Helix Jump: 1.0.3


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The core of the game

If you like playing simple games, then it’s hard to find a game simpler than Helix Jump. The core concept that lies behind Helix Jump is so simple that you understand the gameplay the first time you see someone playing it. The action takes place on a certain amount of discs that are attached to something that reminds a tube or a pipe. Every disc has a gap in it. Your task, as a player, is to rotate the whole tube-like construction with disc either right or left. The level is considered as passed whenever the little ball passes all of the gaps and reaches the very bottom of the stage.

The game is not so simple as it may seem. As you progress further and further, you’ll face new obstacles such as deadly discs. Land on those and the game’s over for you. You can, however, smash those without receiving any damage if you fall through 3 or more gaps consecutively without touching any discs. Such freefalls also boost your score and allow you to quickly reduce the distance you need to pass in order to finish the level.

Figuring the best path to take while dodging deadly segments at the same time gets more challenging over time. If you fail, the game offers you a second chance after viewing a video ad. Although some players might find such monetization strategy intrusive, it can actually come very handy on the very hard levels, where you don’t want to start over from the 0 points.

The technical aspect

There’s nothing to be said about the user interface as there’s no such thing as a user interface at all. Don’t expect to see here any menus or options either. Such decision from developers might seem confusing, but it really correlates with the simple concept that the game is made in.

Graphics are also simple. It features basic 3D models which can be made in Unity or any other engine. Nevertheless, the gaming experience is very smooth, and you won’t find any hitches here, so there’s nothing to complain about. One thing that this game is missing though is music. It’s an open question if it’s better to have bad music or no music at all. The only thing you’ll hear is the sound of a bouncing ball which starts to feel like torture after a while. Disabling sounds completely would be a better option (maybe that’s exactly why developers forgot to add music to the game).

Speaking about the ads, those might be very annoying. You’ll always see a tiny banner ad on the screen unless you disable it. The banner distracts you from the gaming process and can be accidentally tapped on. After death, you’ll also see an ad. Considering the fact that you die very often in this game, expect to see a lot of ads. As I said though, ads can be disabled for $2.50 which is not that much and would be a good idea to consider if you really enjoy this game. There’s also a little secret on how to disable ads for free. Just turn off the cellular data, and there will be nothing to show. However, you won’t get a second life as well.

The Verdict

Helix Jump is a simple entertaining game with an exciting concept. It features basic 3D graphics and many levels to enjoy daily. The only flaws it has is a lack of music and intrusive ads. If those two things are ok for you, then download the game on your iOS or Android device and start bouncing!

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store
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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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