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Name celebrities, enjoy different accents, sing a song, or beat the clock by guessing the secret word on your phone using the hints your friends provide. 

Heads Up! is the rib-tickling game you see Ellen play in the Ellen De Generes Show. You can enjoy it with your friends, colleagues, kids or siblings. 

It’s simple. A guesser holds the phone on their forehead while clue-givers drop hints in many different ways for the respondent to draw clues and give the correct response.

Features of Heads Up!

Play with one friend or in a group: enjoy Heads Up! with one or as many pals as you like, at the go. 

Several categories for all audiences: the game features several unique themes or categories to suit players of all ages; from kids to your colleagues.

Hassle-free gameplay: it has a simple game design so that you can concentrate on having fun and not trying to understand the game. For example, you can draw a new card by just tilting your smartphone.

Save videos of your gameplay for later: store videos of your funny game for later viewing or sharing on social media.

How to Play Heads Up!

One player (the guesser) holds the tablet or phone on his/her forehead, and other participants (clue-givers) try to give hints of the words or images showing on the smartphone or tablet for the guesser to decipher.

As a gamer lifts their device to display a person image, song,  or any other challenge that shows on the screen, other players must provide the answer in many different ways, without mentioning any part of it or voicing a well-known rhyme. 

As soon as the correct response is conveyed, the challenger can either tilt the screen up to get a new word or pass (if they can’t get a word from the clues). A guesser has one minute to find the correct word.

During the game, the phone or tablet captures video of the clue-givers, which gamers can save, view, and share afterward. The gamers display words and give hints in turns. The player who deciphers the most hints emerges the winner.

Players must follow a set of rules when giving hints to keep the game enjoyable and challenging. For example, you cannot use anything that provides the guesser with a direct lead to the answer, like singing lyrics. 

18 Themes to explore in Heads Up!

The party never stops with Heads Up! – you have upto 18 themes to pick from. That means you can switch from one to the next as soon as you feel it’s time to crank up the fun. Each category is unique, thanks to the theme-based gameplay cards.

Play Heads Up! exploring lots of categories, including Celebrities, Movies, Animals, Accents, Characters, and many more!

Wrapping Up

Enjoy Heads Up! with friends, workmates or your kids in 18 different themes. The game is an excellent party starter to get everyone in the mood for fun. 

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store
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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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