Guns of Glory

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Guns of Glory: 1.3.0


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Guns of Glory is a game for both iOS and Android that involves building an army of soldiers that you use to shoot down and destroy enemies. It’s a multiplayer game so you can play it with friends or other players on the Internet. Because of that, you need a stable network connection.

How to Build Your Castle

When you play the game, you assume the role of a ruler. Your kingdom is at war with rivals, and your purpose is to build a castle that will help you defeat the enemies. The game allows you to create your own empire just the way you like. You can customize it any way you want using strong equipment and weapons. You can then build your own airplanes and train soldiers, all of which will assist you in defeating the enemy. The exciting thing is that you can choose to play from any part of the world such as Europe or Asia. Therefore, you can play in the region that you are most conversant or have an interest in and build an indestructible castle. The more cities you attack, the more resources you are able to gather and become stronger. Making rounds on abandoned cities may also help you to amass resources. Every day you play the game, you have a chance to win rewards that you can redeem to get the things you lack in your kingdom.

Additional Game Features

The game is free for all players. But if you want to get more features, you can spend some money. Each thing you unlock has a different price. You can also set an objective that you want to achieve, for example, to destroy all your enemies or modernize buildings in your castle so that you can protect your troops and other property. The game allows you to make allies and help one another fight rivals from any part of the world.

Why You Should Play Guns of Glory

Anyone who wants to feel a special kind of thrill should play Guns of Glory. The game offers the sort of freedom that may not be found in other games. For example, you are free to set goals, determine how to train your troops and design your castle. Finally, you can make friends from around the world thanks to the game’s multiplayer. Overall, it is a well-rounded and rewarding experience worth trying out.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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