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Google Photos Review

Google Photos is an online photo archive that allows you to save your photos and videos in the cloud. It is a perfect solution for saving your content in cases when you lose our device, break it, or the system goes down. It is also a good option to enlarge your photo memory without buying a new gadget or a portable memory disc. Google Photos will be your alternative photo album that is easy to reach and use.

Useful design of the app makes it different from Google Disc and other online file storage. It looks more like a big photo album with basic editing and organizing options and implemented machine learning. One of the advantages of this app is its free version, so if you don’t want to pay for iCloud or other paid apps, downloading Google Photos is a perfect solution that doesn’t have that much difference for an ordinary user. 

Some Facts About the App

Despite being really simple and free of charge, Google Photos has a bunch of other merits worth consideration. First of all, Google Photos is easy to access. The fact that you can reach files from your mobile device is a great advantage, but don’t forget about “ Plan B”: it is still accessible on your PC, iPad or any gadget that has an Internet connection. Moreover, you can easily send photos directly from the app without spending time uploading photos to social media or emails. This saves your time and again storage if you want to send a huge album to your friend or share a video with relatives. 

And don’t forget about machine learning that makes it accessing photos super easy: you can find a required photo with the help of face recognition that will help you choose photos of your friend or even a pet. It also differentiates photos by geolocation and creates albums from separate trips and places you have been. You can as well choose a data and create a birthday or wedding album, even if locations and people in the pics are absolutely different. The app can as well remind you of the events you have pictured and encourage checking recent photos or reviewing the old collections. 

Together with developed organization system, multiple filters and a limited, yet quite a good photo editing options, after downloading Google Photos you’ll see that it doesn’t exceed an ordinary app size. This is what a real storage saving tool that hasn’t got hidden stones. 

However, don’t forget that free of charge account has some limitations needed to be mentioned. If your photos are weight more than 16MB, they will be shortened to be 16MB, or if they are larger than 1080p, they will be edited to fit this size. This for sure will cut back the quality of your photos and videos, but still - it is better than losing them at all after your phone goes down. 


Growing necessity in various services and more complex apps require an optimal solution, such as Google Photos. This online photo archive app has all the best in the sphere of saving, optimizing and editing photo or video content. This app is pretty easy to start working with, and you won’t spend both time and storage to start using it. It is highly recommended to send all your photos to the cloud to save them in case your gadget goes down. Although free version has some limitations for the file size, it is still an awesome solution with zero expenses. Further work with files will be as well fast and easy, so you should for sure try it, even if you are already using another app - this will be a perfect backup plan and insurance.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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