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New version of crowded battle royale

With classic Fortnite survival action game, get ready for the upgraded Battle Royale version. This is a new modification of the classic fighting game, where players had to survive in a battle against the army of zombies through spectacular fights, collecting new weapons and useful utilities and completing quests. Unlike the previous version, new Fortnite became far more dynamic and atmospheric. The focus of the game moved to all against all battle is a perfect action that is a must - try for royale battle game fans.

A good new option for getting into the series of battles is that requires strategic planning, quick mind and attention to details. This game includes all core parts of a perfect military simulation game. And moreover, it is free of charge, so downloading Fortnite is a must-do for both teenage and adult players.

What it is all about

The game has a simple, yet exciting plot: 100 players are left at the isolated island to start a battle against all other players. It is possible to play alone or create teams to oppose the rest of the fighters. Teams have more chances to survive until the final battles. Exploring the island and winning the battles, each player receives new armor and traits. The main target for each player is to become the only survival on the island.

The truly wild atmosphere of the game is perfectly created through dark-colored, minimalist graphics. At the same time, the scenery has numerous details, various characters and other players with a different appearance, outfit, and weapons. Another good point is the nature of the island: forests, hills, lakes, which is followed by detailed city scenes.

In general, each player has to go through numerous fights with other players, using collected weapons and applying fight moves to gain new experience and gain new traits. As you proceed, you upgrade your fighting skills and get more effective weapons. All progress can be saved in a cloud to help you start from the moment you stopped with saved player stats. This game requires comparatively little storage that makes downloading Fortnite, a good option for users with little free storage.

It can be hard to choose the player and play the first fights, but progress is quite fast, and the repetitive tasks help you upgrade your play skills. Players can move back and forward, jump and attack enemies. The game proceeds on an intuitive level and with every new fight you experience new extended speed and quality of the fight.

The Bottom Line

Core advantages of the game are its exciting plot and atmosphere, the ability to play in a team and the extended number of weapons. Online fighting is rich with new scenery, enemy tactics, and moves. It is both dynamic and well thought, surprising with interesting bonuses and new marchrutes.

Playing in a team gives new opportunities when meeting a more skillful or well-equipped opponent, and it makes a final battle even more intriguing because. The necessity to stay the only winner makes the battle more fierce and stimulates extended planning, calculations and foreseeing opponent’s possible moves.

All these elements makes this game a good and dynamic entertainment for users that seek for dody and robust battle.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store
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Certrude McCoy

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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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