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Fishdom: 2.14.1


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What the Game is All About

Fishdom is a match-three puzzle game that has multiple levels. In order to play, you will grant the app access to your photos, media, and files and will otherwise close upon launch. Be informed that you will be needed to sign in using your Google account. The idea in the gameplay is to earn in-game currencies (gold coins and purple gems) by matching items of the same design and color. This also earns you points. With these resources, you purchase decorations with which you customize your aquarium. Buy the decor from the shopping cart and earn beauty points. Other ways you can win coins include:

  • Completing matchboards;

  • Winning in challenges;

  • Finishing tasks;

  • Completing levels.

If you are fast enough in solving challenges using fewer moves, you are awarded bonus coins or purple gems. The concept of the game demands spatial awareness and good problem-solving skills for you to play efficiently.

In-App Purchasing

Fishdom is free to download but contains a few optional in-app purchases. Depending on what to want, you can purchase items using either in-game currencies or real money. You can access various items from the in-game store. Take note that as you start the game, you will have 800 gold coins, a package of 40 gems and 5 lives. Once the tutorial is completed, you will have to buy a clownfish using the 800 gold coins. Exhausting gold coins and gems could mean slowing you down, and so you can use real money to purchase these resources from the in-app store. With purple gems, you can increase lives and therefore extend playing time, access more moves and facilitate faster level progression. With $1.49, you can purchase the smallest package of 10 purple gems, and the largest package of 1500 purple gems for $159.99. There are other packages of 55, 120 and 530. Failure to complete challenges will either lead to trading 9 gems for 5 more moves or losing a life. Please note that you can still play the game even without making any purchases with real money, but you’ll have to wait for lives to replenish in case you have used up the 5 available.

Game Play Behavior

Playability of Fishdom is considerably simple, seeing that there is a brief tutorial that highlights the various game features and functions you’ll use. Once you complete a level, a new level is opened where you’ll have access to new decorations in the in-game store. The game offers you Facebook interactivity whereby you can keep in touch with your friends, sharing gifts. You can interact with fish in your aquarium by playing with them, feeding them or just listening to them as they talk.

Final Words

Fishdom is an incredible game in terms of gameplay. Beside the match-three puzzles, you decorate your aquarium and also interact with your fish. Competition is fostered as you can contest against other players in regards to developing aquariums. In-app purchases are fairly valued, and again, they are not mandatory. Download the game for your iOS and Android devices.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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