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Facebook: Get Information About Your Mates

Facebook application allows you to keep in touch with your friends. It’s possible to leave comments in the form of push-messages and always see notifications about important events, including birthdays and other memorable events of users. This program, unlike the web page, consumes significantly less Internet traffic.

Principle Of Operation

First, you need to download Facebook application on your mobile phone. Before the first launch, the program will ask you to log in to the social network and will offer to add new friends, including contacts from the phone book. After that, all functions of the application will be available.

Features Of The Program

This application is the official client for the social network Facebook. When you log in, you can be sure that nobody will get your password. Also, it’s possible to see friends feed and their new photos. You may designate your location if you want other users to see it.

Developers constantly update this application, that’s why it becomes better every time. If you have got some problems with the service, you always can leave a request in technical support.

The application works better than the full version of the site running on a mobile device. Pictures are displayed correctly, icons are located in the right place.

The highlight of the mobile client is the ability to broadcast live. Your friends can learn about your stream in two ways. The corresponding publication will appear in their feed, as well as in the form of notifications in their profile.

It’s also possible to play favorite games in this app. Added from the website, they will be available on your page and in the mobile Facebook client. You just have to go to the menu and find them. Anyway, some games require pre-installation.

You may look for interesting topics and make new acquaintances in thematic communities. It’s possible to find a new group both through a search and on the pages of your friends. By joining the community, you can view new articles, discuss and repost them. If you want to know about the latest comments and updates, you can switch on notifications.

With the help of Facebook marketplace, it’s possible to sell or buy something without additional fees. You can easily find the right thing. If you find the product you need, you can save it or contact the seller. It’s possible to search for products using keywords, or looking through multiple categories. You can also limit your search to only those merchant users who live within a certain radius of you.

The Main Disadvantage

To send messages, you need to download another application. In fact, communication is the foundation of all social networks, and this service doesn’t fulfill this basic function. Although there is no built-in messenger, this application needs much free space on the phone.

Despite this deficiency, program developers are constantly working to improve it, officially announcing that the application will be updated every two weeks. All in all, Facebook should be paid attention to.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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