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Episode - Choose Your Story: 7.50.0+g


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What the Game’s All About

Episode is an interactive simulation game where you live out your virtual life characterized by love, romance, fun, and adventure. Episode gives you the opportunity to play as one of the characters in your most loved story. The game presents you with thousands of possible settings and storylines, 100,000 options in number. In any storyline you start, every choice you make influences the flow of events and ultimately the destiny of your character. This means there are endless possibilities for the outcome of each storyline. Besides, you are also at liberty to come up with your own story.

How it is Played

  • Personalize your avatar – You can customize your character by manipulating the designs of the outfit.

  • Grow relationships – There are two possibilities here, your favorite characters can become either your rivals or lovers, your moves determine destiny.

  • You’re in charge of fate – Influence the flow of events by making essential choices.

  • Explore different endings – There are numerous possible endings in each storyline, discover them by changing your choices.

  • Get lost in thousands of fantastic worlds – Episode presents you endless options in regards to storyline choices.

  • Create your own story – You do not have to follow a predetermined storyline, unleash your creativity and explore the possibilities of the Episode world.

Monetization Strategy

The developers have thrown in two mechanisms with which they benefit from their creation. First, Episode is a free to play game, but has several in-app products purposed to give you a fuller experience. The price for various items ranges between $0.99 to $99.99. This can be considered to be quite expensive in comparison to other games in the simulation category. Making mention of some of the in-app products, a medium size pack of Gems is traded at a cost of $1.99, a medium pack of passes going for the same price, and 10 gems sold at $0.99. The game also has advertisements, and these can become annoying. However, these are not too hard on the player, you can still enjoy the game even without having to use your cash in paying for virtual products.

The Bottom Line

Episode is one of the games that are undeniably hooking and engaging, thanks to the interesting gameplay. It is the perfect way to escape from the real world into a fascinating virtual world. You can download it and see how it goes.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store
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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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