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Earn to Die 2: 1.3


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Earn to Die 2 is a zombie survival game designed for Android phones. It’s a game where the player has to survive a zombie apocalypse until he gets through to the evacuation ship. 

How it begins

The military that set up an evacuation ship is almost ready for departure and wants all survivors to make their way to the boat before it leaves. To get to the evacuation ship which is situated on the other side of the country, the player must pass through hurdles. He must escape collapsing buildings and zombies in a desert to get there. 

Key Features of Earn to Die 2

  • Earn to Die 2 was designed for iOS and Android users. 
  • The theme music and sound are amazing and goes perfectly well with the game. 
  • The interface looks great and is clear. 
  • The graphics are great and make the game appealing.
  • The game does not have freezing or crash issues. 


Saving up money for upgrades is daunting and painfully slow. Perhaps the developers can come up with a tool that allows you to save money quickly.

Another issue is that the fuel running out immediately the player begins to feel the game. It would be totally helpful if there were a tutorial on how to play this game. Another problem is the intrusive pop-up ads. It takes the fun right out of the game.

Also, when a player upgrades to a new car, the old one stops working and the player has to work hard to upgrade the new car to the level of the previous car. It makes the player feel like getting a new vehicle is pointless because even the upgrade does not make the car move faster than the previous one. 
The game is amazing; however, the player cannot repeat a level. Each level is titled in days, and if the player is done with “day 1”, whether he won or lost, he will not be able to go back to ‘day 1’. He automatically moves to ‘day 2’ and so on.

In conclusion, it is a rather good game to kill time but requires some improvements. The game should come with a tutorial, and the fuel should last longer. The ads should be eliminated, or at least the game should have an option for the player to pay to remove ads. There should also be a replay option.

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Certrude McCoy

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