Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

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Disney Heroes: Battle Mode: 1.0.1

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The Concept of the Game

Disney Heroes is an action-oriented RPG with fun gameplay. It’s all about battles. You can summon up to five heroes and play as a team against the corrupted Creeps. Each level of play presents you three groups of antagonists, fight and conquer all for you to earn points and progress. You can power up your characters using boost items for increased efficiency. There are also badges which you are rewarded upon completion of levels, and these give your heroes an added advantage over enemies. Special moves and attacks can be unlocked as you finish challenges. As you progress, you’ll unlock other events such as tournaments. These modes sharpen your RPG skills as you get to participate in more challenging player-vs-player battles. In regards to visuals, the developers have managed to keep it neat with vibrant looks. Disney Heroes has simple controls which you will in no time master and start dominating the arenas. Worth mentioning, the game offers high replay value, as it is goal-oriented and thrilling.


The monetization is a little bit exaggerated, and many would consider it not worthwhile to purchase some of the listed items. There are in-app products that range up to $99.99, which is really expensive for a virtual item. Disney Heroes has two currencies with which you can unlock features, the first being gold which you earn every time you play, and the second being diamond. Both currencies can be purchased as in-app product packages. Disney Heroes also has a stamina system that monitors the health level of your character. There are also premium loot crates. All these can be refilled by purchasing packages using real money. Just to mention a few of these products, there is a Chest of Diamonds going for $49.99, a Motherlode if Diamonds sold at $99.99 and a Sack of Diamonds for $19.99.

The Bottom Line

Disney Heroes has impressive gameplay, but the monetization comes in as a significant letdown. However, the in-app products are not a must-have for an enjoyable experience, you can earn your currencies by completing levels. In this regard, you must also be patient enough as the progress might feel slow and therefore it takes time to unlock new characters and items. The visuals are great, and character animations are impressive. Conclusively, Disney Heroes is a game you are likely to enjoy, more so if you are an RPG fun.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store
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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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