CSR Racing 2

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CSR Racing 2: 1.13.2

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You’ll Sure Love the Rides

CSR Racing 2 is a spectacular racing game available for iOS and Android. It has brought a new demonstration of what’s possible on the mobile platform! Images are visually stunning and realistic, the gap separating console and mobile graphics is significantly diminished. With CSR Racing 2 on your phone, you have access to hyper-real drag racing experience while on the go. This has been made possible by the high-end 3D rendering mastery deployed. Just to let you know, you can explore the meticulously detailed interior of the most iconic cars ever made. Contest against live players from all around the world. Customization features enable you to build supercars such as McLaren P1 and the famous LaFerrari among others. Team up with friends and race as a group, upgrade your cars for maximum acceleration and win the titles in global crew races.

Details of the Gameplay

CSR Racing 2 is one of the most versatile racing games for the mobile platform. The game has extensive coverage of car generations, ranging from the ’60s to the ’90s. There are tons of activities you can participate in including:

  • Embark on an electrifying single-player campaign, scaling the titles from rookie to legend;

  • Engage in thrilling real-time multiplayer events;

  • Dominate competitive seasonal rankings in the global crew challenges;

  • Configure your rides for optimum performance;

  • Put together your dream garage;

  • Restore the splendor of your cars in the Legends Workshop.

In addition to the single career mode and the multi-player races, there are daily challenges where you are given a loan car with which to compete. Winning racing events earn you currencies, which can be used in pimping and upgrading your cars. You might be lucky enough to be awarded with a rare car in impromptu events. This means the quicker you become a champ, the easier it is to customize your cars and acquire new ones. Personalization capabilities are extensive; you can change the exterior appearance of your rides using items such as paints, decals, rims and so on.

Noteworthy Disclosures

Though CSR Racing 2 is free to download, there are several optional in-app purchases you can make for a fuller experience. Social Networking is supported, and so you can connect with friends through platforms such as Facebook. Some of your personal data is collected and used, and so you might be interested in checking the game’s privacy policy. For Mac users, iOS 9 or later is required. In addition, you may be given the opportunity to take part in occasional special events and offers by the developers.

In Conclusion

One thing is certain, if you enjoyed the predecessor, then you’ll love CSR Racing 2 as it is more complete with strikingly appealing visuals. It beats its imitators by far and could be addressed as the best mobile racing game to date. Talking of the replay value, you are likely to get glued to your screen. Whichever mode you chose to play in, you can be certain of an exhilarating experience. In-app purchases offer value for your money, as they provide you with more flexibility and possibilities when participating in racing battles.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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