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Finances are a central factor in anyone’s life. The need to grow and safeguard them cannot be overemphasized. Credit Karma will help you with this!

Info about the App

Credit Karma is a convenient financial app that enables you to keep track of your credit efficiently. There are various services you can access right from this app. You can view your credit profile and know what is accounted to your credit scores. With Credit Karma, you will never be caught unawares as you’ll receive essential updates in regards to credit monitoring. If it’s to file your returns, the app enables you to do it with ease. On top of that, all these services are at your disposal for free.

Features You’ll Love

  • Credit Karma Tax – This feature enables you to file both your State and Federal tax return right from the app. The service is absolutely free. You also enjoy audit defense and dedicated user support.

  • Identify ID theft – You can conveniently spot data theft incidents where the privacy and security of your info are compromised. This is highlighted by the app in the event where your data is exposed to a third party in a data breach. You also get recommendations on the possible actions you can take.

  • Check your credit score – You can view your credit score anytime anywhere. All you have to do is log in and access your score details in just a few taps on the screen.

  • Track unclaimed cash – There are billions of unclaimed dollars out there, and some of this cash could be yours. Credit Karma enables you to look up state databases in search of any unclaimed cash in your name. You could be having a fortune somewhere out there.

  • Get helpful recommendations – Based on your credit, you will receive recommendations on money-saving deals such as lower interest rate offers and great credit card rewards. Save money and build your wealth.

  • Monitor your reports -  You will receive prompt notifications whenever an important change has been made to your reports. You can challenge errors right from the app as long as you are logged in. This enables you to keep an accurate track of all updates regarding your report.

  • Review credit tips – Based on your profile, you will receive helpful credit tips right to your device.

The Bottom Line

Credit Karma is such a useful and efficient app. It enables you to access high-end services at no cost. It is certain that you’ll save a lot of cash with it as you’ll receive helpful tips and recommendations on low-interest deals. You can give it a try today.  

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store
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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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