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Color Road!: 1.2.1


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Color Road is literally a smash! This is a game that you’ll fall in love with immediately you make the first try at getting your ball through the endless road filled with other oncoming colored balls. It is a massively fun game that you can spend hours on. The problem with this game is that there is so much lag which in various ways causes the game to freeze.

Hit every Other Similar Colored Ball

This is why it’s called a color road. You control a balloon, travelling on a slender highway with other balls moving in the direction of opposing traffic. Your job is to hit all the similar colored balls coming your way and avoid hitting different colored ones. As you make it through various barriers and sections, your color changes abruptly, meaning you have to be fast on your reflexes. That’s basically it. Just avoid different colored balls, and you have no reason to lose, right? Wrong.

This game suffers from an awful lag. When you launch it, there’s freezing. When you start a game, it freezes. When you are about to beat a score or level, it freezes…there’s no end to the freezing. The app flashes unnecessarily and by the time you get your ball rolling successfully, you’ll drop a sweat or a tear from frustration. It’s such an amazing game, but it has flaws that really can’t be ignored by anyone. Who knows, maybe the game has been calibrated on higher-end devices or later OS versions as some users don’t seem to experience this problem.

The Colored Balls Are Cute…

Freezing and lag notwithstanding, Color Road is a simplistic yet visually artistic game. On a good playing day, the game looks and feels nice and intuitive. If you play this on an iPad, you’re bound to get disappointed with the twitching and blank screens. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t offer a variety of skins, and neither does it let you choose from different road backgrounds. A bit of customization options for a game that offers so little content always makes such an experience a little better. Challenges are the same, and you can play endlessly in the same fashion. The controls are intuitive although they would have felt much better if the app didn’t lag so much. You only need to swipe your finger from side to side to move your ball.

Overall Thoughts on the Game

Color Road is a game that has so much potential and has room for great improvement. You could spend a ton of time on this game just because of how fun it is to dodge balls and make it to the next barrier successfully. It’s quite satisfying to watch your ball change colors and pass another level on this endless road. This is a creative game and is designed to cater to anyone, from adults to kids. However, there are too many bugs in this game, and every ounce of enjoyment you derive from it will quickly fade away.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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