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Candy Crush Saga: 1.111.0

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Candy Crush Saga is probably the best game in «three in a row» genre. This time you’ll have to put delicious sweets together: bright crispy caramel, soft jelly candies, chocolates, and many others. This project was released in 2012, but it is still relevant. It is the most downloaded mobile game ever.

How to play Candy Crush Saga?

There is nothing difficult in Candy Crush Saga. A field appears in front of the player’s eyes, in which candies are randomly placed. It is necessary to swap sweets in order to form a series of several identical sweets. A line of three or more the same candies disappears from the field.

You can complete a level only by fulfilling the task. Sometimes you’ll need to score a certain number of points. But, another time, a task will be more difficult. You’ll need to score a definite number of points for a limited number of steps. They can be also obtained for various non-standard game actions, e.g., after collecting a large chain of chocolates.

As in any game of this genre, its complexity increases with each new level. And there are a lot of them. Even if you pass through at least ten a day, it will take several weeks or even months to complete the game.

Features of the game

There appear jelly candies that are hidden in small squares. To get them, you’ll need to destroy the square. Also on the playing field, there may appear candy bombs that have their own properties.

This puzzle has very interesting graphics. It is made in bright colors and is able to lift your spirits even if your day did not go well.

Various combinations simplify the passage and open up more opportunities and points. If you are logged to the Facebook, you can publish your outcome and compare it with the results of your friends and acquaintances.

There even exists a special TV-program. CBS and King created a live-action show Candy Crush in which four teams compete. They play in each episode, performing various tasks based on the game Candy Crush, and the winning team earns guaranteed $ 100,000.

In-app purchases

The game is released from the pattern of fremium. That means that it’s possible to play without any donations. Anyway, the player may pay to get some bonuses and pass through difficult levels faster. These donations are not so important and necessary, and statistic says that only 2.3% of players make purchases in the game for real money.

What to do, if you can’t pass through the level?

The developers have added a hint system that will help you to make the right choice. Tips can pop up randomly, and do not have a serious function. To help the users to go through a certain round, the developers have created several lives. If you are unable to overcome the stage, you can ask your friends for help or wait a bit until all lives are restored. The player also can buy livesfor real money.

You definitely should download this game if you’re a fan of«three in a row» games. Join Tiffi and Mr. Tofii and go on an exciting journey through the Candy kingdom where amazing adventures await you at every turn.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store


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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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