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Clients with benefits

Bank of America Mobile Banking is an application for iOS, Android and Windows Phone that allows you to manage your bank account and financial assets on the go and even more.

The authors of the app tried to look at the mobile banking features and issues from a regular user's perspective and then found a couple of elegant solutions for them.

For instance, odds are you do a lot of digital shopping. Your Steam account has a couple of games, like Anti-Grav Bamboo-copter or The Spook Inspectors, you still need to pay for. And your Amazon wish list for the fishing trip to Eureka Springs in Arkansas also awaits to be paid for. Not to mention the likes of iTunes, eBay, a cable TV provider, etc. But you have so little spare time! Through the Mobile Pay feature, you can pay any electronic-bill with a few swaps and taps. Moreover, you can automate this process and:

  • Schedule monthly/annual payments.
  • Cancel or edit them.
  • Put them on hold.

Another helpful feature allows you to do quick and painless check depositing. Just snap a photo of a check and process it through your account. The result is almost instantaneous.

And nothing is as handy as this application when it comes to the house bookkeeping, tracking your income and expenses. For instance, you're able to:

  • Monitor the current status of your mortgage.
  • Check how your auto loan is doing.
  • Activate, close and replace credit/debit cards.
  • Regularly audit and control your savings.
  • Order check copies.

Subscribe to notifications and alerts, regarding your account status, security, bank policy changes and so on.

Besides the app can give you a full account of expenses you've had the last month, provided you've been using it to pay the bills and make purchases. It's quite efficient if you seek to optimize and lower your expenditure rate.

Just like Western Union

Bank of America Mobile Banking app also specializes in money transfers to/from:

  • Other Bank of America accounts.
  • Other banks.
  • Other countries.

All you need to know is the recipient's cellphone number or email. And if you want to receive money transfers yourself, provide the same information and the deed is done!

Besides the app strives to ensure your money and private data stay well-secured. For that purpose, there's a multilayered verification which includes usage of a Passcode, fingerprint identification and so on. Unfortunately, the latter function isn't available on certain Android devices.

All suspicious, unauthorized activities in your account will be blocked by the bank, of which you'll be promptly notified. And as a nice bonus, you bear no responsibility for any Mobile Banking fraudulent/unauthorized transactions if you inform the Bank of America within 60 days.


Bank of America Mobile Banking is a helpful and well-designed app that solves so many issues: from e-bill payments to receiving/sending money both nationally and internationally. It has a good security system, complex verification and also bookkeeping tools that will assist you in optimizing your budget.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store
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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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