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What is this app for?

Airbnb mobile application has been designed to allow the customers easier access to the internationally famous rent-a-flat service.

BNB stands for "bed and breakfast". The central idea behind this platform is to help travelers and people who own vacant apartments to stay in touch, make deals and reservations. On the menu, you have flats, houses, rooms, lodgings and even whole yachts, mansions and Luxury + chateaus. In other words, there are accommodations that suit various needs and budgets of yours.

Airbnb provides:

  • A pretty mobile and quite decent customer support.
  • Only real reviews, photos commentaries, and feedback.
  • Warranties, bonuses, and other perks.
  • Secure payment system - the payment is only partly transferred when you check in (see Conditions & Terms).
  • Safety, since fraudsters get permanently banned.
  • Accommodations that can be rented for a couple of hours, days and even months.

Both apartment owners and renters need to come through the personality verification stage. It requires submitting photographed copies of the ID documents.

And now your quest on finding a place to stay can be much easier, since you're able to:

  • Make reservations.
  • Search for an apartment by a keyword/price, country, city, language, etc.
  • Select a type of apartment, number of rooms.
  • Study feedback.
  • Make bookmarks of the offers/places you like.
  • Manage your listings.
  • Find interesting side events: day/night tours, cultural exploration, festivals & parades, local cuisine degustation, diving and so forth.

All of this is available on your smart gadget.

Apart from traditional accommodation, Airbnb can also provide you with such exotic rarities as igloos, log cabins (especially in Russia, Canada, and North Carolina), huts, caves, etc.

Is it worth trying?

Airbnb is definitely the best service for searching for accommodations around the world. It has the instant-messaging feature, which allows you to stay in touch with the home-owner. It has a clever search algorithm for finding a place most suitable for your needs. And its catalog of apartments available for rent includes a bedazzling number of  200 countries, 34, 000 cities and 2 million listings.

Finding, checking and booking a place takes merely minutes. And if you'd like, your payment may be separated in two parts. Since it's obligatory for a house-owner to upload realistic pictures of their property, choosing a place good enough to stay for a night or a week isn't a problem at all.

Final thoughts on Airbnb

One of the best things is that with Arbnb mobile app you don't have to constantly log in your account, while sitting at the computer. Instead make a cup of PG, sit in your favourite comfy armchair, relax and search for new adventures and unforgettable experience. The world becomes safer and better for travelling with Airbnb.

Airbnb application for iOS/Android is definitely worth a try, if you can't imagine your life without seeing the world.

To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store
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To install this application you will get a link in the Official Store

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